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Our company has been operating a call centre since 1996. Any similar company would be happy to employ our well-trained, precise and nice operators as a colleague. Use of polite Hungarian, as well as English is a basic requirement at our company. We answer calls and take messages in English as well. We also provide ongoing training for our operators to provide the highest quality customer service for you. We have been working with our operators for a long time, which not necessarily the case at other companies. This enables our colleagues to obtain the knowledge to rank the calls and orders in the priority of your company.

We are proud to have proven our efficiency and expertise in numerous cases!


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“When I was a child and old bakelite phones were in use, they were my favourite toys. After studying and working abroad I came up with the idea to set up TeleSecretary in my country, in Hungary. The concept of providing assistance to companies with this new and useful service gave me a great deal of energy. I always keep in my mind that I want to operate a call center I would personally use with pleasure and satisfaction. Most of our customers have been using our services for nearly a decade, which is a great honour to me. Our customers also recommend our services to their partners, which is a great incentive for development. Over the past 25 years, I have constantly been sharing my experiences with my customers to develop the most effective business strategy and operations. I always give my colleagues the opportunity to discuss cases in which my experiences may help them. It is really important for me to get feedback from my colleagues and discuss this. Developing our services and introducing new systems which can help manage call centres is the real incentive for me – in particular, being acknowledged for our work.”

Tímea Tünde Tóth

Office Manager

In-house introduction of new information received from Clients and training material is a key part of my work. It’s a great feeling to regularly receive positive feedback about the precision and communication skills of our employees from our Contact Persons.

Anna Dienes

Team Leader, Supervisor

I regularly coordinate with the telephone operators on a daily basis for our Clients to always receive the standard of services they like. Our Contact Persons are keen on receiving our questions, because they know we keep up with their work.

We are happy to answer any further questions should you wish to know more about us!